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Re: Sixt USA

Post by Freightliner » Mon Dec 27, 2021 10:57 am

If someone is interested in I`d like to inform you that Sixt has opened the new Cincinnati International Airport Branch. It allows customers to explore southwest Ohio and northern Kentucky with a car from Sixt in Cincinnati.

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Post by Panther » Wed Jan 05, 2022 10:31 am

Thx @Freightliner, Sixt is obviously in process to open more and more locations in US.

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Post by Bentley » Mon Mar 06, 2023 4:15 am

I just found a report about the situation of Sixt in US. For all who are interested in here a short summary:

"The car rental company Sixt is benefiting from its expansion into the USA. Around ten years after entering the market at Miami Airport, business at the now 99 stations in North America is bigger than in the home country.
`The U.S. is the biggest growth engine for the future of the Group,` said co-CEO Alexander Sixt on Thursday in Pullach near Munich. Last year alone, the U.S. business grew by 55 percent to 908 million euros, which is just under a third of Sixt's total revenue.

The potential of what has become Sixt's most important market is huge: with a volume equivalent to 34 billion euros, the US rental business is by far the largest in the world. With a market share of three percent, Sixt is far behind the industry giants Hertz and Avis, but is aiming for a market share of ten percent at the 50 most important airports by 2027. Specialization in German brands is expected to help.

Two-thirds of Sixt's fleet consists of premium models, preferably from German manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi, which are particularly popular with Americans."

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Post by 47_rolling » Tue Mar 07, 2023 11:07 am

Thx for this interesting information @Bentley! :D :D

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Post by Van08 » Thu Mar 09, 2023 4:54 am

Compared to other rentals companies Sixt has the youngest fleet on the market. Therefore I appreciate the market expansion of Sixt here in US. :D

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Post by Boogy » Sun Apr 16, 2023 9:18 am

I`d like to report about my last rental at Tampa/FL. I had a Budget booking however the line was there over 20 people deep. Only 2 people were working there. As I could cancel FOC we went over to Sixt. We ended up with a 25 $ lower rental rate and we could walk straight to the car. Finally we were out of the lot within minutes. Great experience. :D

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Post by Carving » Wed Apr 19, 2023 1:47 am

Thx for the report @Boogy. I made already the same experience that Sixt offers cheaper rental rates than Budget. Especially when a deal can be used.

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Post by Chevy » Fri Apr 21, 2023 5:08 am

When using the Sixt 20 % deal page you have the chance to get it even cheaper @Carving . ;) ;)

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Post by Pirelli » Wed May 24, 2023 4:29 am

Chevy wrote:
Fri Apr 21, 2023 5:08 am
When using the Sixt 20 % deal page you have the chance to get it even cheaper @Carving . ;) ;)
I use this page for all my rentals from Sixt. Usually I get great rental rates.

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Post by Bentley » Thu Mar 07, 2024 10:47 am

I`ve read that Sixt announces its intention to expand the network of rental stations at the most important American airports from the current 44 to 50. For your information only. ;)

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