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Sixt Share

Post by Pocky » Wed Jan 22, 2020 3:56 am

I know about Sixt Share in Germany. Is this concept of Car Sharing already existing in US or other countries as well?

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Post by 4x4renter » Sun May 24, 2020 6:44 am

Yeah, it is. If you have the Sixt app installed on your mobile you can find the next available car from your actual location to rent. It`s a simple but well working system which Sixt offers. :D

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Post by Triton11 » Mon May 25, 2020 1:56 am

It is very good in large citys when you don`t want to use public transport. Also an alternative for an own car when you don`t want to travel far away. ;)

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Post by Boston07 » Wed May 27, 2020 4:00 am

I would prefer Sixt Share before I go i.e. to Turo. The system with private hosts at Turo I don`t like. Sixt is more powerful and offers always the latest car models. ;)

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Post by Highway » Thu Jun 04, 2020 7:04 am

Most of the people in US are not yet aware about Sixt Share. Therefore it will become difficult for Sixt to compete with Turo. They have to be cheaper or more attractive in all other aspects in order to become successful.

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