VIRTUO car rental

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VIRTUO car rental

Post by Lionelcaruk » Tue Jun 14, 2022 10:00 am

Last weekend I have rent threw Virtuo app. Worst travel experience of my life.

I share with you what happened below but for those who have no time to read it all just basically avoid them at all cost :)

Renting with Virtuo is like playing Russian roulette. We have rented once before with them and everything went well. But this weekend, this time, things went all wrong with them.

A simple flat tire at one-hour drive from London was enough to show how defective was this company. Making our way back home a real nightmare and one of the worst travel experiences of our life (and we are people who used to travel across the world with long flights:)

First, we call the assistance and follow all the steps they asked us to proof that we do not notice them a flat tyre just by pleasure. Then Melissa, from Virtuo assistance (we did pay the extra fees for tyres insurance) told us over the phone there is no problem, someone will be there within 45 minutes (It is Sunday 7pm it took already one hour to get the assistance and to launch the assistance process). Fair enough we will wait for 45 minutes.

Then 30 minutes later, Mercedes assistance (we did rent a Mercedes GLA) called us to tell us someone will come at 10 pm. Ok we start to understand that Virtuo is reliable to Mercedes assistance and do not really take care about any assistance themselves and that it seems they have problem of communication with them.

I call back Virtuo and explain them it makes long just for a tyre to change. I'm surprised that for someone who choose the tyre insurance there is not a spare tyre in the car safe. I inform them that one of my two sons (5 years old) feel sick and have high temperature. They say there’s nothing they can do and that we have to stay with the vehicle. 10 pm is not so far now and at this point we still trust them.

9.30pm. A company that Mercedes assistance did hire to do the job instead of them call us to tell us that they don't have anyone available to come before 1am. Now we understand that Virtuo is a fraud. We call them to tell them we cannot stay that long in the vehicle and we still have a young kid with 38,5°C temperature we have to take care of. This is where they show their true face. Not a word for the kid, not any solution to propose. I proposed them to leave the key of the vehicle to the service station manager of the service station where we stopped. (Mercedes assistance was ok with that). Then they could call us a cab so we can go home (we are still only one-hour drive from London). They start to threaten us and said we have to stay with the car until the assistance arrive. Assistance that we have already waited for more than 4 hours. I proposed them to call a taxi for my wife and my kids so they can go home and that I will stay with the car. They did refuse. Telling us they will only start to looking for a taxi for us after the assistance will arrive and check if they cannot fix the tyre. This is the moment where I understood that Melissa and certainly all Virtuo people were machines and not proper human been. They have a very rigid process and they will never use their own brain to try to find a solution for you. They are here to force you to follow their process regardless the lack of efficiency of this one neither any circumstances, included a 5 years old sick kid.

Sunday midnight, the recovery company call us to tell us they will try to come between 1am and 2 am. That was enough. I informed Virtuo that I leave the car at the station take a taxi to go to an hotel nearby so me and my family can have some rest and that I will call them tomorrow to arrange the recovery man to come and that this time I will expect the man will be on time. As usual they told me no problem and lie to me as from the beginning.

Monday 8:30 I call them to let them know I will be at 10.15 am with the vehicle and that I was expecting someone to be there to collect the key and the car and finally call us a taxi. To make a long story short the recovery man finally arrives Monday at 2.50pm.
Of course, this time I didn't wait for him and left the car around noon after another couple of hours waiting for nothing. Then after they recovered the car, I had to find my taxy myself which was quite challenging because very few avaibility.

I don't think I ever had to deal with such bad people than Virtuo. Once again, they are just here to threaten you so you stay with their vehicle that's the only thing they ever did for us. They repeat to you using a very rude ton that you sign a contract saying you have to stay with the vehicle otherwise you will have problems and with their reputation to not give back money to their customers once you've checked online you feel stocked.

People who work there, like Melissa, should really be ashamed of themselves. Of course, all this cost us a absolute terrible evening and the day after. We arrived ultimately at home on Monday 7pm. I don't know if we will ever get all the expanses we had refund from Virtuo but of course we will try.

If you are young and alone you can try them but if you are a family with people you care about, run as fast as possible from them :) avoid them at any cost as those people can put you at risk without any hesitation.

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Post by Bentley » Tue Jun 14, 2022 2:52 pm

Welcome in the forum @Lionelcaruk :!:

Thx for your interesting report.
Was it the first time you have rent from Virtuo?
From which rental company do you usually rent?

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Post by Airbrusher » Wed Jun 15, 2022 2:04 am

Interesting which kind of rental companies exist. Assume that rental rates from Virtuo are not cheap?!

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Post by BocaRaton » Mon Jun 27, 2022 3:58 am

I don`t know this company. I think it`s a rental company in UK.

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