Sixt Diamond Card

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Sixt Diamond Card

Post by ACDC » Thu Sep 07, 2023 2:21 am

The most exclusive Sixt status level is the Diamond Card membership. This level can be reached by invitation only. The number of necessary rentals per year or the amount of money spent have never been officially released by Sixt.
What is known however are the benefits related to the Diamond Card membership:
1. Guaranteed vehicle availability for Diamond Card members

2. Diamond Card members get complimentary upgrades to higher vehicle categories for free

3. Diamond Card members can enjoy Sixt's private chauffeur service

4. Dedicated reservation hotline is available and can be used by Diamond Card members

5. Exclusive discounts are applied for teh Sixt Diamond Card members. Usully they are granted a discount of 20 %

6. Faster check-in at Sixt locations for the holders of the Diamond Card

7. Free additional driver for all rentals in the US

The only issue is that an invitation is needed as already said.

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